Rooms and Terraces

So individual, as true hospitality has to be, so individual are the possibilities to use our house. Maybe alone, as a couple, for a family or a company celebration, for parties at the most of 60 persons. Small is beautiful is our motto. Our guests do not particularly like large gatherings.

“The Batzenhäusl” – suitable for every occasion:

Bookable for 1 person upwards.
Individual tables are possible too and seat 6-18 persons.
Total capacity: 60 persons.

“Goethe Stube” – to be found in the upper, in between floor:

Individual tables on enquiry.
Table for maximum 22 persons.
Total capacity: 34 persons.

“Goethe Stube” – to be found in the lower, in between floor:

This part of the house guarantees the complete
impossibility of any cell phone contact whatever ;)
Tuesdays and Thursdays – Stammtisch *
Bookable for exclusive use from 6 persons upwards.
Total capacity: 12 persons.

Terrace to the front of the Hotel Restaurant:

IIn summer there is a seating capacity possible for up to 90 persons.
Reservations are unfortunately not possible, only a short waiting time maybe involved (could be eventually the time for an aperitif at our bar).

“Goethe Stube” – to be found in the middle, in between floor:

Individual tables on enquiry.
Table for maximum 18 persons.
Total capacity: 22 persons.

One, two rounds of beer or even bottles of wine can eventually be positively influencing to be asked to “join us” by the guests of the “Stammtisch” table. But the right to join in the conversations and discussions is not automatically included in the rounds of drinks you offered! It all depends on the weather situation… up to now anybody new on this table has not yet been devoured!!! :-)

*Stammtisch: is thought of for friends who enjoy meeting each other on a weekly base mostly. They enjoy conversation, playing cards, laughing and having fun. Also, sometimes more serious topics of conversation arise. Many various things are discussed also in each other’s company – simply enjoying a pleasant time together and companionship at the Goldener Adler