Speciality Weeks

Austrian Asparagus – Tyrolean Veal – Bio-Char from Austria – White Wines from the famous Wachau

2 kind of soups

Cream of asparagus with vanilla and roasted prawn and cold spinach soup with tartare of char

€ 5,90
Braised venison ragout, with finger-shaped potato noodles, red cabbage and lingonberry apple

€ 19,90
White Asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise, potatoes

€ 11,90
white asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise, potatoes, Tyrolean salmon ham

€ 15,50
whole roasted char

mixed asparagus, austrian white wine risotto, herbs pesto

€ 23,20
Deep fried sweetbreads of veal

white asparagus, potatoes, sauce tartare with wild garlic

€ 21,20
saddle of veal steak

chili-coriander asparagus, rice, lime sauce

€ 29,60
roasted cutlet of veal

green asparagus, mashed potatoes with herbs

€ 25,90